3 Fitness Supplements That Can Maximize Your Efforts At The Gym

Whether you are new to the fitness world or have been working out for decades, you already know that the gym is not the only place that fitness takes place. What you put into your body matters and this does not stop at your diet. From fitness supplements to help you gain lean muscle to body basics that assist your efforts, here are 3 supplements that will kick start your body into beast mode…


Among the most popular body and performance enhancing drugs on the market today, Clebuterol has been touted for improving the stamina, physiques and muscular build of the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger… and Britney Spears. Wait… what?! The drastically different results are just a result of the drastically different usages and workout plans of the two. Not to mention, women simply do not have the testosterone levels in their body to truly “bulk up”. This drug is used to increase stamina, boost lean muscle mass and promote weight loss.

Protein Pills

If you cannot stand to smell or taste a protein shake and find it difficult to get the recommended dosage of protein in your diet during training, then protein pills might be right for you. Many people find that shakes can have a chalky aftertaste or cause stomach upset. While it is best to get your protein from a natural diet source like chicken or beef, sometimes you have to do what you have got to do to make your efforts stick.


Laugh if you want… we know that vitamins are not what you came here for… but multi-vitamins are fitness supplements too and can help your body be ready for whatever you throw at it. Building muscle takes a lot out of your body and if you can give it all the ingredients it needs to do its job well – then your body will reward you with quicker, lasting gains. If vitamins tend to make you sick, avoid taking them prior to workouts and take them before bed with food instead.

As important as it is to stick to it in the weight room, it is just as important to be extremely cautious of what you put into your temple. Remember that your body is growing and changing from the inside out… not the outside in. If you revere your body for the machine that it is, you will come away with the results that you want each and every time.